You, You’re Urban

This weekend I found out that it’s possible to cruise with the top down on Saturday and have a snow day on Monday.

We went to the bike shop Saturday afternoon to get some things and took the Miata with a bike wheel behind the car seats.  (it didn’t fit in the trunk!)  We decided that 48 degrees was about the cutoff for top down weather and drove from Newport to Clifton with the wind in our hair and it was AWESOME.  Having a convertible is totally as cool as it seems.  I can’t wait to be able to take it out at night.

My friends Jason and Yusef had an art show at that night.  It ended up being kind of an upsetting experience.  They had large fantastic prints at reasonable prices and I literally wanted to own all of them.  I couldn’t narrow it down to one and we left empty handed, still trying to figure out how to decide.  I think we will probably go back before the show is taken down and force ourselves to pick one out to put in the huge old gold frame we’ve had hanging on our wall, empty, for months waiting for the right piece of art.

Sunday night basically looked like this:

I sat in the window for a while watching the snow pile up.  Bf popped a bottle of Andre and we ate frozen Trader Joe’s pizza and leftover udon from the day before. We ran out of tonic and juiced apples to have a real drink before bed. Pretty much the only people driving around were 4 wheel drive vehicles, pizza delivery men, and these jerks on romantic carriage rides.  Our friends Kevin and Yusef were DJing at The Righteous Room and we ended up going there for a drink since we’re so close by and it was snowing and we figured they would be lonely.  After a few more drinks at Mainstay and some karaoke we crashed hard for the night. 

I didn’t use my snow day as wisely as I should have since we reorganized and cleaned much of the crib over the weekend.  I did end up installing some very usefully and practical orange pom-pom trim on the headliner or bf’s car. Observe:

Later, bf also put up these 2 bike racks that make our bikes look amazing and keeps them neatly tucked in an unused corner of the apartment.  The award for most urban improvement for a loft for under $20 goes to us.

The bike you see pictured with the twinkling lights wrapped around it was an impulse buy vintage Italian folding bike.  It’s a cruiser with petal brakes and basically impossible to ride outside of a very flat surface so it sits on top of our closet and twinkles.  Also, boyfriend calls that little pink stuffed animal that I must have sewed with my left foot an “apartment Easter egg”.  If he buys me that Jane Seymour Open Hearts Collection for Kay Jewelers Necklace* and presents it to me in a rain storm while we both gaze out the window, he will officially be the funest. 

Were you wondering what that was on the wall to the left? I bet you were wondering.

I bought a swinging hips Elvis clock at an estate sale some months ago (obviously).  I put some batteries in it and saw that the clock ticked but the hips didn’t swing.  What’s the point of a clock that keeps perfect time if 75% of the novelty is gone?  Bf started tinkering with it and removed the 7 feet of twist ties that someone had used to tie the parts together for some reason and bent the battery terminal back and fixed him.  I was so overjoyed that we gave him this place of honor in the apartment right by the bikes and front door.  Makes up for that cool modern clock the cat knocked off the shelf and broke.  Little jerk.

Finally, this thrift store find that confused me a few weeks ago.  In the wooden stuff section of the St Vincent De Paul was this box.  It had small plaques with names engraved in the affixed all around the box and it was sort of heavy.  I slid back the top and found….this inside.


It appears to be a Stretch Armstrong.  I recognized the dried up goo inside the box right away.  (Having a cat in my childhood who liked to chew on my possessions, I have intimate knowledge of what oozes out of heavy gooey baby dolls and toys.)  It’s tied up with rope and plastic rings.  There is a rose in his teeth.  Finally there is a shot glass in the bottom left corner with some words cut out and glued inside…something like maybe greed? I forget.  Most offensive was the price written on the bottom.  5 bucks!

*I’m totally kidding, as I have been every time I have mentioned the Jane Seymour Open Hearts Collection for Kay Jewelers to him.


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