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This Is The One I Couldn’t Think of a Title For Again

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While you were at home catching up on the latest Eduard Khil remix, for the first time in an embarrassingly long time, we went out on a school night.  (It’s hard out here for a couple of 9-5 workin’ pimps)  It was my buddy’s birthday and bingo night at Mayday.  My boyfriend won his very first bingo game, whose prize was a gigantic Ziggy mug filled with PBR.  I may have made a monstrous screwdriver in it last night.  The hot dogs there are fantastic and come in a homemade PRETZEL BUN people.  I can’t stop thinking about how much I want a thousand more pretzel buns. 

Weather did not cooperate this weekend for any outdoor activities.  Bike wheel is still in ye old shoppe anyway.

Aw, hail? Nah.

We spent our Saturday like a pair of old ladies waking up mega early and getting breakfast (at Mokka in Newport) and antiquing most of the day.  Don’t judge.  We just wanted some ironic art for the crib.  We found very little, but we laughed at a lot of stuff and pointed out all of the things we had in our childhood.  Bummed that I tried on a vintage girl scout uniform that was too small for me.   Pumped that we got some more furniture at Red Polly.

When we got home I got Chibama rockin’ and we did a little work around the house before going out.

As the common idiots that we are, we did not eat dinner and drank a bunch at the Mockbee for our friend’s cd release.  We got in there, got our picture taken by a weekly, got drunk, and got out.  We didn’t even stay for the band, which is a bummer but for the best since I shellacked the apartment floor with vomit later in the evening.  Officially christened the new crib!

Rolled off the mattress on the floor and got some brunch at Mayberry on Sunday.

My french toast with apple butter was good but bf’s biscuits and gravy were lukewarm.  I thought the side of tater tot wackserole was decidedly weird and ultimately not tasty but the boy killed ’em.  Matter of opinion and strange cheeses. 

We spent the our afternoon exploring the west end, checking out those buildings we be seeing from the highway like Young and Bertke: Building With the Robotic Man that Moves That Totally Shaped Our Childhoods and other neat stuff.

You may have noticed that this week is missing our traditional trip to The Rookwood, but I just wanted to save up for their St. Patrick’s Day pig roast.  Is that going to be fun or gross orrrrr….?


The Hunted

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First, I’m excited to tell you a bout my first legit road bike.  Purchased this weekend!  Pink! 80’s! Made for midgets! 

I guess I was too busy riding it around the apartment in my spankin’ new Toms to take a proper picture.  I’ll take on once I replace the petals, butt razor seat, and grip tape, k?

A little ashamed to admit that we didn’t go out Friday night.  Can I lie and say I was conserving my energy for a good long bike ride in the morning?  We did get up early and biked it to the coffee shop and It’s Just Crepes for breakfast.


From the window we saw some dudes in superhero costumes and a shopping cart and didn’t think *too* much of it, but when we saw them all around town we remembered the Cinci-dorkarod or whatever was going on.  Check out these guys!

We had plans of riding again with our buds, but I got a flat tire and had to decline.  Instead we drove around town collecting accessories and such for our apartment and eating at The Rookwood again.  We bro’d down a little bit with our waiter who rides bikes too.  On the way home, a freakin coyote popped out of the woods of Mount Adams and stared at us for a while.  Luckily he was not rabid and didn’t seem tooo interested in ripping the door off the car and eating me alive.

That night we went to a downtown bar that serves punch bowls full of cocktails called Tonic and did some urban news anchor hunting.  (Apparently downtown is a good place for it…my boyfriend spotted a news anchor last week at the coffee shop too)  Spotted you Rob Williams and Shiela Gray!

Hard to capture them in their natural habitat without getting blurry pictures, guys

Lockland Diner

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I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the town of Lockland, in what a friend of mine refers to as the “Vagina of Cincinnati”

Georgia O’Keefe got nothin’ on you, Lockland Split

But it’s sort of like stepping into a small town in Tennessee or Kentucky or some rural town in Ohio that I’m not familiar with.  Sometimes we’ll stop into this place called Joe’s for lunch.  The clientele is usually over 50 with vaguely southern accents (why?).  The burgers, named stuff like “The Mustang”, cost less than $3 and the walls are covered with framed pictures of cars to create a vague car theme.  Anyway, not the kind of joint you’d expect to spot a senior citizen reading a PostSecret book.


OTRrrrr We Done Moving Yet?

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Still doin’ our thing.  Draggin’ couches, pinchin’ fingers, sweatin’, and gruntin’.  Fortunately we’ve stopped bickering with each other at this stage since 90% of our stuff is now officially in its new home.  Luckily we still found the time to do a little exploring.

Before the weekend hit, we took an unplanned trip to our local Swedish mass-produced furniture store and spent Thursday night wondering where our $100 went and putting new knobs on the kitchen cabinets.

Friday night we somehow ended up at The Rookwood again and I had the most epic lamb and gnocchi combo of all time. Our super-friendly waitress witnessed our inability to decide between key lime pie and salty caramel ice cream and brought us both.  They’re so good to us there.  Did I mention that my friend did their arts on the wall?  Seriously go there, kids.  After stuffing our faces and moving a few meager boxes we called it quits and didn’t even venture out to party on a Friday we were so tuckered. 

Saturday morning my boyfriend practically had to drag me out of bed to go to pick up our U-Haul. It was overcast and cold and a little snowy and it’s soo toasty in our new bedroom.


BUT! Discovery! It’s sooo much better moving in the winter than in the summer.  Even when it’s freezing cold, you can start out bundled and by the time the truck is full you’ll have removed all layers but the essential ones.  It didn’t take long at all for us to finish up, in spite of our munchkin status, and we took an afternoon break to hit up Findlay Market and sample about a thousand things.  My favorite thing we tried were these super interesting Belgian chocolates made by a local Northsider.  We tried the chilli chocolates and pink champagne with pink peppercorns.  Seriously so worth the 8 bucks for a box of four and so pretty I was a little sad to rip into the box and hurt the poor little babies.


We weren’t quite satisfied dinner-wise with a thousand samplings so we went to Rock Bottom Brewery for a beer and some apps.  Titan toothpicks = too much food for two people.  Shoulda’ known.

That night we pre-gamed at our friend’s loft and went to a bar called Mainstay for the first time.  I’d been there many times when it was called The Viper Room which later changed to The Poison Room, but not to the new place yet.  We saw one of our favorite local bands called The Sundresses and drank a lot.

Sunday should have been recovery day as the bf was nursing a raging hangover headache, but we didn’t want to miss the 20th century design show at the Sharonville Convention center that afternoon.  I didn’t take any pictures due to my pre-occupation with dropping elbows on people who were, as my dad would say even though it’s 2010 and he’s like 55, “All up in my mix”.  Nothing too notable happened after that.  We just kinda drove around for beer and burritos and some industrial shelving for the kitchen.  Didn’t go out that night, although I would like to check out Mainstay’s Sunday night karaoke.  We opted to marvel at that Nickelback guy’s shiny straight hairs and wonder what was up with Alanis Morissette’s bewbs.