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Little Person, Big Loft

Posted in Uncategorized on February 25, 2010 by caseanator

There is one thing I had not considered about living in this building, and that is that I am just over 5 feet tall and there are a lot of things out of my reach.  I have to do a little dance on my tip-toes to reach the string for the ceiling fans (I can only reach the lower of the two strings on each, though).  Not that I really need to reach them except when it’s summertime or, I dunno, the oven cleaner in the hot oven fills the apartment with smoke.  I’m thinking of starting a dance craze like the Lisa Turtle “Sprain”. I can’t reach the string for the light in my closet…not even close. The elevator latch for the freight elevator on the first floor is too high for me to operate, although I’ve tried twice and I think my abs are going to get pretty ripped in the process.  The mailbox is too high for me to see inside it, which is nothing new- I could only reach the tall mail at my last place, which means my boyfriends Mazda RX-7 (see: dream car) catalogs and useless ads for new windows and whatnot.


One of the most annoying problems is that I can only see the very top of my head in the mirror above the sink.  Guess I’m not wearing make-up anymore, ohwells. I checked out the dumpster and it doesn’t look like I’ll have an easy time tossing my trash either. 

Anywho, we only took one trip yesterday and didn’t do any of the stuff we wanted to like laundry or laying contact paper down in the drawers, but we did put up some ceramic dinosaurs my mom painted in the late 80’s.  Lookin goooood!


If Moving Were An Olympic Sport, I Would be DQed

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Signed them papers on Monday and no one found out I’m a felon in the other 49 states or anything.

The Situation™

I took a 1/2 day Monday and the whole day off yesterday and started moving stuff from the old place. I did the heavy lifting while my boyfriend texted me about my progress.  Seems like whenever I talk about moving it’s always like “Oh yeah, it won’t be a big deal, I’ll just Hulk this couch down the three flights and into our 1992 compact car no probs.”  Then I find myself on the last day I have to be out with my head in my hands, sitting on the floor and weeping.  I still have a month or so until I find myself in that posish.  I’d say we’re about 1/2 way there, but no matter how much cleaning and organizing and stuck in the elevator-ing I do, I never seem to get ahead very far.

So I was all “Let me out!” and this elevator was all “Stop being 5 feet tall!”.

I had to pop into Wal-Mart for some essentials, which is really disappointing to my progressive friends.  (Don’t worry, I didn’t let my Foursquare check-in show up on their feeds).  This guy there was all OMG LIMES LOL

I was really happy to be able to get a crepe from It’s Just Crepes from a second downtown locaish on Monday (big ups to my girl Suzie for giving me her lunch freebie and forgoing her own lunch).  Though I’m within walking distance to Fountain Square, it was a little rainy and really chilly outside (and my limbs were trembling from moving all day) so I drove over for Chipotle on Tuesday.  Guess I just thought crepes 3 days in a row is a little silly.  Time to find some non-chain downtown eateries asap.

Before drifting off into my first sleep at the new crib (and while the BF was outside moving the car), I was greeted by my chubby middle-aged neighbor in just a pair of shorts.  He was just checking in, don’t mind him.  Note to self: install peep-hole. 

Here’s a few random pictures:

Put some dinsoaur decals on the shower curtain.  Always preform moving tasks in order of importance, you guys.

My friend Julie made these arts.

Just some of our awesome views.

All of that and I still had time to realistically and beautifully depict Shaun White in an iPhone app.

PS – Does anyone’s Mom know where I can get a bent metal sign that reads “Loft, Laugh, Love”? Maybe I could just have it stenciled above the front door…

Last Weekend in Northside

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It hasn’t quite hit me yet that this is our last night in this apartment. Definitely bittersweet.

The weather was so lovely today that we took one last walk to the furniture store for old times sake. Also maybe to check out sofas for the loft. This was the first time we saw the brand spankin new Shepard Fairey mural (up close) on the way.

After our walk we headed to our new ‘hood to get some tea at the coffee shop and crepes at our local crepery.

750 Inches of Snow? Sounds like a good time to move!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 19, 2010 by caseanator

Nothing terribly hip to report, I fear.  I’ve officially become mayor of two convenience stores this week on Foursquare, soooo there’s that.  Though, in my defense, I also became mayor of our favorite restaurant, The Rookwood.

It’s been snowing just about every day for a couple of weeks now.  Not always snowing hard, but at least enough to make it so we have to scrape off the car in the morning and gun the engine out of our parking spot.  There’s more snow outside than I ever remember seeing.  Aaaand our app (lication not etizer) was approved on our new downtown loft.  Perfect time for moving!

We’ll miss living in on our little corner, I’m sure.  Steps from the bar, the new sushi joint, the second-hand furniture shop, and our hardware store.  Most of all, I’ll miss cracking open the window to yell at people – bar-goers, criminals, and alley urinaters alike.  My mom asked if I’ll miss living walking distance from our bar and I told her that I didn’t want to live my life according to my distance from the bar.  She said I was growing up.  Well eff.

The new place provides more potential for urban adventures, though!  After our packing and cleaning and U-Haul driving over the next couple weeks (we’re rich enough for a U-Haul now, guys!), I hope to return with news of more experiences and stuff for you to envy.

It’s Gopher Day! Or whatever

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It’s too bad that little jerk predicted 6 more weeks of winter because it’s so much harder to get out and do stuff when  your nose hairs freeze from walking from the apartment to the car. But, we’re managing, we’re managing.   A good way to pass the time has been through completing what we refer to as “crib legitimization exercises”.  Making our apartment look as nice as it can until we find something we like more or just decide to live with its faults.  (Like gross carpet and unfortunate linoleum tiles in the kitchen).  We bought our first house plant…things are looking more doctor’s office-y by the minute!

I heard someone on Facebook or something talking about vodka-soaked gummy bears, so I’ve been getting hip to putting them in my V&T’s lately.  Not the most delicious thing, but like 67% funner than a normal drink.  We had the idea to open a bar and call it Candy Bar and make only drinks with candy in them.  Then we found out there’s already a bar called that in Kentucky.  Ugh.

 I downloaded the Foursquare app this weekend and made it my mission to check into a bunch of places in spite of the weather.  My boyfriend and I have been spending some time lately driving around downtown and in surrounding neighborhoods to get a feel for what our new ‘hood might be like and what part of the ‘hood we’re most interested in.  We popped into a couple places downtown and just across the river and decided to learn some more about Cincinnati at the Museum Center at Union Terminal.  I also happened to download the Hipstamatic app this weekend, so it came in handy in taking some old timey pictures of the scale models.

That night we played some Wii on the projector at our friend’s downtown loft and 3 of the 4 of us painted our iPhones (and one old school flip phone) gold.  I didn’t have the heart do it to my baby.  I did spray my gun-shaped zipper pull and a tiny bottle of Jameson, though.

The weekend ended with the Grammy’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I never watch the Grammy’s and don’t even like Lady GaGa which seems to be hipster-acceptable these days.  I don’t ‘get’ her ‘pantlessness’ or ‘horrible songs’ but do see the appeal of her overall epicness.  Might I add I also did not appreciate P!nk flashing her butthole.  Anyway, we flipped back and forth between this and SNL in order to catch the MICHAEL JACKSON 3-D EXPERIENCE*

*contains no real Michael Jackson

Later buds!