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Thanks for the 4 Day Weekend

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This post brought to you by the new texting gloves I got this weekend at Urban Outfitters.  $10.  I could live with just the right index finger being exposed though.  Guess I’ll have to wait for the iPhone models to come out.  Or cut a little slit in some regular gloves and save myself like 9 bucks.

I’ll admit…our weekend was pretty suburban.  3 trips in total to the suburbs and few photos to show you how cool we still are.  Saturday night we did go to a party that was *supposed* to bring out all the hipster kids in all white.  A handful of people wore all white, while every else just showed up at the bar and hoped there would be a party.  I can respect that.  I wasn’t able to find white jeans in time (truth be told, I’m more of a black jeans kind of girl) and was forced to pick the closest thing in my party pants collection, which were zebra print.

 We found the time to meander around a dilapidated cemetary in our neighborhood on Sunday before suburban dinner.  A lot of the headstones were sunken, broken, toppled, and/or no longer legible.  Some as old as the late 1700s and they’re still burying folks there.  My boyfriend found a hole in the ground, which he’d seen on his first visit, and poked a stick in it.  Supposedly he saw some wood deep down there years ago.  I prefer to stay as far away from potential rotting corpses as possible.  I do think we might make a habit out of exploring cemetaries, hopefully before it gets too cold.  There’s another huge one near us that I’ve never visited.  Supposed to be good bike riding, too.


Just a Scuffle

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Today we had the rare opporunity to watch a couple of idiots punch eachother in the face. We heard some yelling outside as we do every day and decided to check it out. A couple of dudes were yelling about nothing in particular on the benches across from the bar. After a couple of minutes they scuffled for a while which was both mildly entertaining and discomfort inducing. The best part was when they stopped and just went and sat down in their respective benches right next to eachother. A few uncomfortable seconds later they venured our way, yelling at eachother across the street and we got a good solid look at creep #2’s pajama pants. Ahhhhh Wednesday night.

Shots in Our Neighborhood

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Last night I learned what happened when 911 is busy – they put you on hold. Just like everyone else. 

The 10 o’clock news had just ended, and old people around the city were tucking themselves into bed when we heard shots outside our apartment.  They sounded close – likely just around the corner.  We jumped up to see some guys running.  Heard some yelling.  Doesn’t seem like anyone was hurt but they did have an clip emptied in their general direction.  Cautiously poking our head out of the window,  we watched a man pace outside our apartment yelling obscentities when I figured I may as well call the police.

911 didn’t ring for a bit – then I was put on hold.  The woman already knew why I was calling and I don’t think I provided any new information. 

For a while, police cruisers drove up and down our street.  We never saw them stop anyone or throw any dudes up against the crusier, which is what I was really hoping for.

Video Shoot!

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Saw some kids dancing around and on a van in the hood today. It looked liked they were shooting a music video. Loved it- got one picture before the light changed.

Hip lunch

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Went to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch. It’s called The Rookwood.

Another Day, Another Sushi Night

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Last night we took a break from texting eachother childish doodles from the Doodle Buddy app on iPhone (from the distance of our living room) to get 1/2 price sushi.  We went to the douchey sushi place that actually put on their website that their dress code is ‘smart casual’.  I think I just broke my eyeballs rolling them.  Sushi was great but the price wasn’t as good as we’d hoped when people started ordering mojitos and japanese beers.  The night could have been ruined by the table of annoying yuppies featuring: the drunk girl who, at one point, said that she loves to yell out the F-word.  (Confirmed!)  They also absorbed a tanorexic couple on a first date and started asking them the all important Cincinnati qualifying questions like “What high school did you go to?”.

Aforementioned mojito + neat ambiance

 I made some comment about how I thought it was neat that this tree was outside.  Dining mates made fun of me.  It’s hard to tell what’s going on here, but there’s a little notch in the building where a tree grows.  On the other side of the tree looks like a reflection of the dining room behind you.  We just assumed they were the ghosts of sushi’s past until we realized there was more dining back there.

68 in Cincinnati

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We took advantage of the weather by driving around with the windows down.


We ended up at a park in Liberty Hill with a couple fruity beers and our iPhone cameras. Effing beautiful day!